The First Elicitor Essay: Inaugural Piece Examines U.S.-Russian Relations

Dear Readers,

The inaugural essay to be published on The Elicitor will answer the following prompt.

Pretend you are one of President Obama’s chief advisers on Russia. You have just received a phone call at 2 a.m. from the White House asking for your take on how Russia views the world. The President needs it on his desk in the morning. What would you tell him? 

In 1,000 words or less, suggest what actions or steps you would recommend to put U.S.-Russia relations back on course, as well as which geopolitical hotspots should be the focus of greater U.S.-Russian cooperation. Please, be creative and straightforward while paying attention to specific examples.

Peter will take on the role of chief advisor on Russia to the President of the United States. We hope these this piece will spark dialogue and debate on how to promote greater U.S.-Russian cooperation during these tense times.

Stay tuned for our first essay publication at The Elicitor! Thanks for reading!


Elisey and Peter


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