7/31 Weekly Roundup

Dear Readers,

Enjoy our latest installation of the Weekly Roundup, a collection of must-read articles on U.S.-Russian relations compiled at The Elicitor every Friday. Please visit our media page for Simon Ostrovsky’s excellent investigation into Russian soldiers fighting in eastern Ukraine. We appreciate the outpouring of support since the launch and encourage you to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter via the widgets at the bottom of the website. Thanks for reading and enjoy!

Putinology” by Leon Aron (The American Interest, 30 July 2015)

How to freeze the Russian-Ukrainian War” by Gustav Gressel (Intersection Project, 30 July 2015)

FSB Helps Islamists From Russia Go to Syria” by Paul Goble (Novaya Gazeta, 30 July 2015)

Female Ukrainian war hero facing 25 years in Russian jail” by Andrew Roth (The Washington Post, 30 July 2015)

New Sanctions” by Nina Ivanovna (NinaJobe, 30 July 2015)

Scotland Yard Accuses Russia of Using Nuclear Weapon in London” by Nico Hines (The Daily Beast, 30 July 2015)

Ukraine struggles to control maverick battalions” by Elizabeth Piper and Sergiy Karazy (Reuters, 29 July 2015)

Mariupol: The city of everyone’s desire” by Cyrille Bret (New Eastern Europe, 29 July 2015)

Russia’s Democratic Coalition” (Meduza, 29 July 2015)

Reviewing the European Neighborhood Policy: Eastern Perspectives” by Alina Inayeh et al. (German Marshall Fund, 29 July 2015)

The OSCE From Confrontation to Cooperation and Back Again” by Stefan Lehne (CEIP, 29 July 2015)

Putin Hurts a Think Tank by Not Banning It by Leonid Bershidsky (Bloomberg, 29 July 2015)

Russia’s musical new wave embraces Soviet chic” by Alec Luhn (The Guardian, 29 July 2015)

Agenda for the EEU Economy” by Evgeny Vinokurov and Taras Tsukarev (Valdai Club, 29 July 2015)

Lagarde confirms that IMF ready to grant USD 1.7 bln to Ukraine” (Ukraine Today, 29 July 2015)

Prioritizing Russia’s Navy Is Pointless” by Mark Galeotti (TMT, 28 July 2015)

Russia’s crackdown on civil society shows the regime’s weakness” by Carl Gershman (The Washington Post, 28 July 2015)

Russian soft power in action” by Tornike Sharashenidzhe (ECFR, 28 July 2015)

If Europe is from Venus, then Russia is from Mars” by Dominik Jankowski (New Eastern Europe, 27 July 2015)

How a U.S. Think Tank Fell for Putin” by James Kirchick (The Daily Beast, 27 July 2015)

Obama’s Russia Recalibration” by Sean Keeley (National Interest, 27 July 2015)

Electric Yerevan and the end of apathy” by Monica Ellena (bne, 27 July 2015)

Flurry of Moscow Activism Hints That Mood For Protest Is Very Much Alive” by Tom Balmforth (RFE/RL, 26 July 2015)

Moscow Uses Kadyrov in Kremlin Push for Rapprochement with Saudi Arabia by Mairbek Vatchagaev (Jamestown Foundation, 24 July 2015)

Civil Society as a Security Actor in Post-Maidan Ukraine” by Rosaria Puglisi (IAI, July 2015)


Elisey and Peter


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