8/7 Weekly Roundup

Dear Readers,

Enjoy our latest installation of the Weekly Roundup, a collection of must-read articles on U.S.-Russian relations compiled at The Elicitor every Friday. We appreciate the outpouring of support since the launch and encourage you to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter via the widgets at the bottom of the website. Thanks for reading and enjoy!

Russian Hackers Suspected in E-mail Attack on U.S. Military Chiefs” (RFE/RL, 7 August 2015)

Iran Quds chief visited Russia in breach of U.N. travel ban” by Jack Stubbs (Reuters, 7 August 2015)

Pentagon: Team Obama Too ‘Timid’ on Putin” by Nancy Youssef (The Daily Beast, 6 August 2015)

Who’s afraid of NATO enlargement?” by Judy Dempsey (CEIP, 5 August 2015)

Russia introduces ‘incinerate on site’ law for banned EU food products” by Shaun Walker (The Guardian, 5 August 2015)

Internal Displacement in Ukraine: A test for civil society” by Agnieszka Pikulicka-Wilczewska (New Eastern Europe, 5 August 2015)

A crisis in Russo-Turkish relations?” (New Europe, 5 August 2015)

How the Obama White House runs foreign policy” by Karen DeYoung (The Washington Post, 4 August 2015)

Is Minsk Dead?” by Brian Whitmore (RFE/RL, 4 August 2015)

Time for a New Strategy in Russia” by Mark Galeotti (Foreign Affairs, 4 August 2015)

Leaks and Sneaks in the Nemtsov Inquiry” by Mark Galeotti (Read Russia, 4 August 2015)

Russia Stakes New Claim to Expanse in the Arctic” by Andrew Kramer (The New York Times, 4 August 2015)

Robert Conquest, Historian Who Documented Soviet Horrors, Dies at 98” by William Grimes (The New York Times, 4 August 2015)

The limits and necessity of Europe’s Russia sanctions” by Kadri Liik (ECFR, 3 August 2015)

Violence erupts after rival Kharkiv rallies” by Allison Quinn (Kyiv Post, 3 August 2015)

The changing face of Russia’s emblematic matryoshka dolls” by Marina Lapenkova (AFP, 3 August 2015)

If Russia breaks up: the peril beyond Putin” (The Economist, 3 August 2015)

Where did Putin’s spokesman get a $620,000 watch?” by Leonid Bershidsky (Bloomberg, 3 August 2015)

Fears grow as Ukraine right wing militia puts Kiev in its sights” by Roman Olearchyk (Financial Times, 2 August 2015)

Ukraine is China’s Breadbasket” by Frank Sieren (Deutsche Welle, 1 August 2015)

Elections in Ukraine’s Secessionist Territory: A Topic of International Negotiation” by Vladimir Socor (Jamestown Foundation, 31 July 2015)

Time to Think About ‘Hybrid Defense’” by Mark Galeotti (War on the Rocks, 30 July 2015)

The Rise of Populism in Ukraine” by Tymofiy Mylovanov (Vox, 15 July 2015)


Elisey and Peter


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