8/28 Weekly Roundup

Dear Readers,

Enjoy our latest installation of the Weekly Roundup, a collection of must-read articles on U.S.-Russian relations compiled at The Elicitor every Friday. Read our most recent essay publication written by The Elicitor Guest Contributor Bryan Rosenthal who discusses the developing opportunities for U.S.-Russian cooperation in the Middle East. Also, check out our media page for a video showcasing the Ukrainian celebration of Independence Day. We appreciate the outpouring of support since the launch and encourage you to subscribe to the Weekly Roundup newsletter, like us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter. Thanks for reading and enjoy!

Ukraine: the forgotten conflict” by Derek Burney and Fen Osler Hampson (The Globe and Mail, 28 August 2015)

Ukraine asks Russia for lower gas prices for winter season” by Nataliya Vasilyeva (AP, 28 August 2015)

Forget Templeton, Ukraine Still Has Putin Bond to Deal With” by Natasha Doff (Bloomberg, 27 August 2015)

Things Are Looking Up For Ukraine: Debt Deal Reached” by Anders Aslund (Atlantic Council, 27 August 2015)

Russia’s Arctic illusions” by Pavel K. Baev (Brookings, 27 August 2015)

Six Months After Nemtsov Killing, Investigation Stymied By ‘Stonewall’” by Tom Balmforth (RFE/RL, 26 August 2015)

Russia Inadvertently Posts Its Casualties in Ukraine” by Paul Roderick Gregory (Forbes, 25 August 2015)

China’s Meltdown Spells Even More Trouble for Petro-States” by Keith Johnson (Foreign Policy, 25 August 2015)

Brave New Russia” by Brian Whitmore (RFE/RL, 25 August 2015)

The challenge of re-engaging Belarus” by Janek Lasocki (ECFR, 25 August 2015)

Why Criticism of Gazprom and the Chinese Pipeline Deals is Wrong” by Alexander Mercouris (Russia Insider, 25 August 2015)

Russia in the South Caucasus: Conflict Management and Business with Oligarchs” by Konrad Zasztowt (PISM, 24 August 2015)

What will become of Russia given cheap oil?” by Vladislav Inozemtsev (Intersection, 24 August 2015)

Trump’s Russia-friendly rhetoric might not be so Russia-friendly after all” by Danielle Ryan (RT, 23 August 2015)

Global economic slowdown impacts Sino-Russian trade” by Sergei Alexashenko (RBTH, 21 August 2015)

Defense and Security: European Politics Free Article Collection” (Routledge, August 2015)

Europe’s Russia denial” by Andrew A. Michta (Politico, 25 July 2015)


Elisey and Peter


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