9/4 Weekly Roundup

Dear Readers,

Enjoy our latest installation of the Weekly Roundup, a collection of must-read articles on U.S.-Russian relations compiled at The Elicitor every Friday. Read our most recent essay publication written by The Elicitor Guest Contributor Bryan Rosenthal who discusses the developing opportunities for U.S.-Russian cooperation in the Middle East. Also, check out our media page for a Muscle & Fitness review of Putin’s latest publicity stunt: a workout montage. We appreciate the outpouring of support since the launch and encourage you to subscribe to the Weekly Roundup newsletter, like us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter. Thanks for reading and enjoy!

Kremlin’s millions: How Russia funds NGOs in the Baltics” by Sanita Jemberga et al. (Delfi, 4 September 2015)

Russia’s relationship with China grows slowly” (Stratfor, 3 September 2015)

Three-day-old ceasefire in Ukraine broken as fighting resumes in some areas” by Thomas Gibbons-Neff (The Washington Post, 3 September 2015)

Ukraine Weighs Autonomy for Parts of East, Already in Russia’s Thrall” by Andrew Kramer (The New York Times, 2 September 2015)

The Politics of 2 Percent: NATO and the Security Vacuum in Europe” by Jan Techau (Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, 2 September 2015)

Sweden rethinking neutrality amid fear of Russian aggression” by Carol J. Williams (The Los Angeles Times, 2 September 2015)

Ukraine aims to rebuild navy” by Marcus Weisgerber (Defense One Today, 2 September 2015)

Islamic State’s Caucasus “province” claims first official attack on Russian forces” by Thomas Joscelyn (The Long War Journal, 2 September 2015)

Russia Puts Boots on the Ground in Syria” by Michael Weiss (The Daily Beast, 1 September 2015)

Russian Military Launches Cybertraining Program for Youth” by Matthew Bodner (The Moscow Times, 1 September 2015)

China and Russia are using hacked data to target U.S. spies, officials say” by Brian Bennett and W. J. Hennigan (The Los Angeles Times, 31 August 2015)

U.S.-Russia relations after 2016: isolation, engagement, or confrontation?” by Kyle Menyhert (Free Russia, 31 August 2015)

Russia’s Volunteering Youth: The Fashionable Adolescence” by Rikki Brown (Vestnik, The Journal of Russian and Asian Studies, 31 August 2015)

Lviv Welcomes Crimean Tatar Community With Open Arms” by Matthew Kupfer (The Atlantic Council, 30 August 2015)

US Presidential Candidates on Russia, Ukraine and the Baltics” by Erik Lazdins (Up North, 26 August 2015)

A Useful Stalemate in Ukraine” by Elizabeth Pond (International Institute for Strategic Studies, 4 August 2015)

The State of Russian Studies in the United States” by Theodore P. Gerber (ASEEES, July 2015)


Elisey and Peter


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