5/27 Weekly Roundup

Dear Readers,

Enjoy our latest installation of the Weekly Roundup, a collection of must-read articles on U.S.-Russian relations and the broader Eurasia region compiled at The Elicitor every Friday. Read our most recent essay publication written by Co-Founder Peter J. Marzalik on the implications of Montenegro’s new membership in NATO. Also, check out our media page for an amusing video of a Russian military general showcasing broken materiel to Putin. We encourage you to subscribe to the Weekly Roundup newsletter, like us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter. Thanks for reading and enjoy!

Russia’s Putin pardons Ukraine pilot, sends her home in prisoner swap” by Maria Tsvetkova and Pavel Polityuk (Reuters, 25 May 2016)

NATO’s Big New Russian Spy Scandal” by John R. Schindler (Observer, 25 May 2016)

NATO and Georgia’s Democratic Future” by Irakli Menagarishvili (Carnegie Europe, 24 May 2016)

On the Trail of Nabokov in the American West” by Landon Y. Jones (The New York Times, 24 May 2016)

Putin Is an Obstacle to Progress” by Mikhail Gorbachev (TIME, 23 May 2016)

Why IR Theory Gets Russia Wrong” by Timothy Frye (Foreign Affairs, 23 May 2016)

Russia’s Liberals in the Crosshairs” by Maria Snegovaya (The National Interest, 22 May 2016)

The Craziest Black Market in Russia” by Leon Neyfakh (Slate, 22 May 2016)

Russian Programmers are Pretty Good” by Anatoly Karlin (The Unz Review, 21 May 2016)

No Quick Fix for Russian Economy” by Vladislav Inozemtsev (The Moscow Times, 20 May 2016)


Elisey and Peter


Photo Credit: Peter J. Marzalik (Warsaw, Poland / May 2016)


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