7/29 Weekly Roundup

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Enjoy our latest installation of the Weekly Roundup, a collection of must-read articles on U.S.-Russian relations and the broader Eurasia region compiled at The Elicitor every Friday. Read our most recent essay publication written by Co-Founder Peter Marzalik with his quick take on Russia and the DNC hack. Also, check out our media page for an interesting RFE/RL investigation into the mirage of development in Turkmenistan. We encourage you to share this newsletter with family, friends, and colleagues, subscribe to the Weekly Roundup, like us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter. Thanks for reading and enjoy! 

Русский мир, почему тебе не нужны донецкие холодильники?” by Сергей Запорожский (Echo of Moscow, 29 July 2016)

Как не показаться некультурным в России” by Vincent Georis (inoSMI/L’Echo, 29 July 2016) 

A Surprising Sort of Success” by Paul Robinson (Irrussianality, 28 July 2016)

China says to hold drills with Russia in South China Sea” by Ben Blanchard et al. (Reuters, 28 July 2016)

Office Politics, Kremlin-Style: Customs Chief Exposed During FSB Raid” by Eva Hartog (The Moscow Times, 28 July 2016)

Что означают увольнения и перестановки в региональных элитах накануне выборов?” by Кирилл Мартынов (Novaya Gazeta, 28 July 2016) 

Norway considers giving mountain to Finland as 100th birthday present” by Jon Henley (The Guardian, 28 July 2016)

Don’t blame the international organizations” by Maria-Alexandra Martin (peacefare.net, 28 July 2016)

Armenia’s Changing Culture of Protest” by Sergey Markedonov (Carnegie Moscow Center, 27 July 2016)

Наши честные олимпийцы” by Андрей Панов (Vedomosti, 27 July 2016)

Tinker Tailor Soldier Hacker: The Russian Factor in the DNC Email Scandal” by Matthew Rojansky (War on the Rocks, 26 July 2016)

The larger tragedy of Russia’s doping” by Mayhill Fowler (CNN, 26 July 2016)

What’s the future of U.S. foreign policy in Central Asia?” by Rafael Sattarov (Russia Direct, 26 July 2016)

Between Victory and Betrayal: How to Move Ukraine’s Anti-Corruption Reforms Forward” (Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, 26 July 2016)

Dispatches from a Trump presidency” by Jim Kovpak (Russia Without BS, 25 July 2016)

As Ukraine’s women speak up on sexual violence, we must not ignore those affected by the conflict” by Danielle Johnson (openDemocracy, 25 July 2016)

Russia’s new rules dictate ‘steal a bit less, do your job a bit better’” by Mark Galeotti (Business New Europe, 25 July 2016)

How US Propaganda Fuels New Cold War” by David Swanson (Consortium News, 25 July 2016)

NATO: Arsenal of Democracy” by Nina Jankowicz (Foreign Policy, 23 July 2016)

Why Trump’s NATO comments will hurt his chances in November” by Marc Thiessen (American Enterprise Institute, 21 July 2016)


Elisey and Peter


Image Credit: dailykos


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