The Elicitor was founded in May 2015 by two graduate students, Elisey I. Boguslavskiy and Peter J. Marzalik, of the George Washington University Elliott School of International Affairs M.A. Security Policy Studies Program. The website name was inspired by the combination of their first names (Elisey + Peter = Eliseter) as well as their drive to become “elicitors” of the truth regarding U.S.-Russian relations and the broader Eurasia region.

Since the Ukraine conflict began over a year ago, both sides have employed comprehensive campaigns of information warfare. Persistent bias in Western and Russian media necessitates a forum like The Elicitor to provide balanced reporting and analysis as well as an outlet for human interaction amidst the polarization and propaganda.

As respective citizens of the Russian Federation and United States of America, fellow graduate students, and future policy practitioners, Elisey and Peter aspire to lead a movement toward a more stable and mutually respectful partnership between the United States and Russia across the post-Soviet space from better diplomatic relations to stronger civil society connections. The Elicitor is the first step toward this goal.

Thanks for reading and enjoy!


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